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Score More

for IX & above Students

Recorded + Live Training

14 hrs. + 2 live sessions (6 weeks)

Why join the Score More Workshop?

"Scoring more" is the need of the hour! How about scoring more without struggling and toiling? Any student who attends this innovative workshop on scientific learning skills will undoubtedly excel in his or her studies. With techniques like Speed reading, Speed writing, Dual activity, Vikalpa, Sandwich study method, Mediation, etc., scoring more is just a cake walk ! For students, this is a very intense workshop that covers deep psychological aspects of day-to-day challenges.

Course Overview

This programme puts you much above the rest of the students by equipping you with scientific learning skills such as how to study, when to study, where to study, sitting posture, lighting arrangement, direction of sitting, waking up early, brain activation, peak concentration techniques, study planning, speed reading and writing, exam preparation and presentation techniques, and high-score secrets. After attending this program, you can score at least 10% more on each test! A real boon to every student !

Brain activation
Peak Concentration Techniques 
Speed writing
Learning Skills
Handwriting Tips
Memory Techniques
Study Ambience (Physical & Psychological) 
Exam Presentation Techniques

Focus Skills

Speed Reading 
Overcoming Exam Fear
Exam Preparation
FF Notes


14 hrs. + 2 live sessions.
14 sessions each 1 hr on alternative days + 2 live guidance sessions
100 Scientific Study Techniques
Rs. 4999

Rs. 2640 
(inclusive of training materials)

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