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Train your Brain - 5x Memory Course

for Professionals, Executives, Businessmen and homemakers

Live Training

25 hrs. (8 weeks)

Train your Brain - 5x Memory Bundle Course

Why join the Train Your Brain Workshop?

Knowledge is nothing but memory! Today, people have become slaves to gadgets and have almost forgotten about the genius super computer within them! Yes, the human brain is the most complex and superior creation, and we should know how to put it to use. Through the Train Your Brain workshop, you will acquire over 30 super memory techniques and IQ enhancement methods. Dr.J.N.Reddy designed this workshop after doing research for over two decades on over two lakh people of all ages and of all professions. This is a must-attend workshop for every executive who is keen to make the best, better.

Course Overview

1/3 of every executive’s time is wasted in trying to recollect professional information! Do you want to save that time by mastering several memory techniques? and become a memory master? Do you want to get rid of absent-mindedness? Not just that, how about increasing your IQ power and activating your brain remarkably? If so, this workshop is the one for you!

Super Memory Techniques 

Brain Power Enhancement

Mental Alertness and Sharpness 

Perpetual Calendar

IQ Improvement 

Remembering Professional Data 

Psychological Tuning

Meditation for Brain Activation 

Overcoming Absentmindedness 

Permanent Memory 

Rekindling Creativity 

Forgetting to Forget 

Discover the genius within

Focus Skills

Brain Activation 

Memory Quotient Analysis: 

Memory Upskilling 

Functional Memory

What is so special?

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Extensive monitoring and guidance

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