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Smart Reading Book

Suitable for IV - VIII Std. Students

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Rs. 240

Why read this book?

Though parents provide all possible coaching and additional subject training, without knowing the learning skills, students won't be able to perform better in exams. Baring a few students who have their own methods of studying and scoring well, all other students struggle to a great extent to score more. This book has got solutions for all study-related problems. For each and every issue, more than one technique or skill is offered. And the best part is, the improvement is quantifiable. This book is a must-have for every student's journey!

Publisher MAX Academy for Excellence
Language English, Tamil, Telugu
Paperback 132 Pages
Dimensions 18.5 x 24.5 x 0.8 cm

A real boon to school students on scientific Learning Skills. This book gives as many as 60 techniques. Each one is a result of research for over 20 years and training over a lakh of students! This book will revolutionise school Education. After using this book, no student will feel pressure; instead, experiences real pleasure!

Smart Reading deals with:

When to study?

Where to study?

How to study?

How long to study?

How to study for long!

Lighting arrangement

Seating arrangement

How to study during morning, evening and night!

Speed Reading Techniques

Speed Writing Techniques

Super Memory Techniques

Concentration Techniques

Mind Programming

How to overcome exam fear!

How to prepare for exams!

How to write the exams!

How to enjoy reading his subjects...and the like

Book Contents

...To you my dear Students!

What is Smart Reading?

Reading Place

Mind Programming

Concentration Techniques

Speed Reading & Speed Writing

Memory Techniques

How to Wake up Early in the Morning!

Time Management

Scientific Methods of Study

How to Read!

Exam Presentation Skills

Patriotism for Students

Special Chapter: Smart Reading Techniques

Dr. J.N. Reddy has been a highly acclaimed Brain-power Trainer for 25 years, Researcher for over 30 years, Teacher for 40 years (including Chemistry Professorship in Loyola College, Chennai, an Educational institution of high repute), transformed over 2,00,000 people and inspired several lakh Students, Teachers, Principals and Parents in India and abroad.

Dr. Reddy is India's only trainer who has created 15 Limca & World Records and broken even Guinness Records in Learning Skills; has organised world's first and biggest events in Brain-power skills. He has brought out several innovative products such as Bahula Siddhi Meditation for peak concentration, Study Planner for Permanent Memory and Time Management, ergonomically designed Study Chair, world's first Scientific Pen and highly acclaimed Books on Self- development.

He has received over a dozen honours and accolades including :
Seva Ratna, Outstanding Personality Award, Super Intellectual Award and Master Genius. Dr. Reddy's biographical note has been included in Reference Asia - Who is who : Men &Women of Excellence 2003 - 04.

...To you, my dear Students!

Congrats for having this unique book in your hands! Through this, you will get super memory to do very well in your studies!

Most students mug up their subject matter without understanding the concepts and just reproduce in the exams to get marks. This is not Education! If you want to reach great heights in studies, you must understand and remember the concepts to master the subjects. For this, you need good memory power!

This book sharpens your memory and guides you to get super memory with extraordinary techniques. It also improves your IQ power which is very essential for doing well in life!

For your benefit, I have designed as many as 100 Activities with 70 Modules. Several memory games and dynamics would enthuse you further. In addition, periodical assessments given would help you tremendously to apply the memory techniques in your studies.

With all these, I can expect you to become a super memory expert! Resolve to prove your Genius! Your Future will be glorious!

All the Best!
Dr. J.N. Reddy