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You can Counsel your Children! - Book

Learn through Psycho-Scientific Analysis and Unique & Practical Case Studies!

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Why read this book?

The most practical book with various counselling methods, positive stroking, and strategies for parents to handle their children in the best possible way. With a number of practical case studies, the authenticity of the book is beyond question. It was authored by Dr. J.N. Reddy after several years of training, research, and counselling. This book is a must-read for parents to effectively guide their children, regardless of their age.

Publisher MAX Academy for Excellence
Language English
Paperback 264 Pages
Dimensions 14 x 21.5 x 1.5 cm

This is a unique book that equips and empowers you to effectively counsel your own children using an innovative psycho-scientific analysis (PSA) method. While counselling thousands of children over the last 25 years, several down-to-earth methods and techniques have been evolved, tested, and testified to be very transformative! All these aspects are comprehensively presented in this book along with various classic case studies. After reading this book, every parent will find it a real boon to use it throughout their parenting days!

Book Contents

Part I :
Basic Knowledge to do Counselling

Chapter 1 :
Can you Counsel Your Child?

Where do Parents Fail?
Handling Children up to 12 years
How to handle Teenage and Minor Children!
Setting Standard at Home and Role Modeling

Chapter 2 :
Psycho-Scientific Analytical Method (PSA Method)

What is PSA Method?
Age based Counselling Levels
Counselling Style : Western vs Indian

Chapter 3 :
Empathy and its Importance!

When to show Empathy!
Main areas to show Empathy

Chapter 4 :
Positive Stroking!


Chapter 5 :
Counselling Methods


Chapter 6 :
Mind Programming

Conscious Mind
Subconscious Mind

Part II :
Practical Case Studies of Counselling


Counselling for Small Kids (up to 6 years)

Counselling for Children (beyond 6 years)

Case Studies 1 - 30

Dr. J.N. Reddy has been a highly acclaimed Brain-power Trainer & Counsellor for 25 years, Researcher for over 30 years, Teacher for 40 years (including Professorship in Loyola College, Chennai, an Educational institution of high repute), has inspired lakhs of Students, Teachers, Principals and Parents in India and abroad. He has counselled thousands of students on various problems and showed them the right path. Dr. Reddy has brought out several innovative products and books. He has received over a dozen honours and accolades including : Outstanding Personality Award, Super Intellectual Award, Seva Ratna and Master Genius. Dr. Reddy's biographical note has been included in Reference Asia - Who is who : Men & Women of Excellence 2003 - 04.

…To you, My Dear Parents!

Is it possible to counsel every child? Absolutely YES! Every normal child can be transformed through effective counselling! This is not my instinctive opinion, but an experiential declaration with conviction backed by a background of over 25 years of counselling thousands and thousands of children! This very first word might inspire you to get confidence in venturing to counsel your own children for good. Then, this book would be of immense help to you!

The basic foundation for my contention is this: No one wishes to perish. Everyone craves to flourish! Like a coin, every person has two sides – good and bad. This book guides you to master the art of tossing the child aptly and convincingly!

At the same time, while counselling it is very important to keep in mind, the age, exposure and more so, the attitude of the child. Also, it may prove to be counter – productive to expect drastic changes overnight. The basic traits of doing counselling are patience, perseverance, know-how, strategy and follow-up.

Hence, before attempting to render counselling to children, parents should first equip themselves thoroughly with crucial aspects of counselling. For this purpose, I have evolved psycho-scientific analytical methodology and its appropriate application. These are discussed in Part I of the book. Thereafter, in Part II, the counselling methodology to be adopted is elucidated through a number of unique and practical case studies. I am sure, these examples will cover all types of problems you are facing from your children. With the help of these samples, you can be thoroughly equipped to render effective counselling to your children and reform them towards right destiny!

To ensure this, please keep this book away from children. There is a possibility that they may preempt your approach and negate it!

While writing this book, my colleague and Deputy Director S.R. Venkat has assisted me in the whole planning and choosing the case studies. He has also contributed valuable ideas to make the book what it is. I recognise and acknowledge his intellectual criticism and valuable suggestions.

Dr.J.N. Reddy