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Art of Effective Parenting

with a FREE CD of Student Study Monitor

Including Tips to Guide Children to Excel in Exams

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Why read this book?

How many parents are trained to become parents? A big question mark! Dr. J.N. Reddy's book sheds light on many aspects of effective parenting, including how minor changes in approach can result in positive outcomes for children. This book doesn't advise, but instead suggests down-to-earth solutions for day-to-day challenges. The CD, with over 40 tracks, monitors the children's activity systematically.

Publisher MAX Academy for Excellence
Language English, Tamil, Telugu
Paperback 136 Pages
Dimensions 14 x 21.5 x 0.7 cm

Every parent who wants to bring up children for a great future, MUST read this Book.

Even though all Indian Parents toil for their children to flourish in life, why do children most often show scant respect for their words or wishes? This book practically analyses and offers invaluable guidelines for effective parenting in 18 chapters.

If you implement these practiceable principles, you will surely become a model parent! And, your children will be the best beneficiaries. The perfect daily routine given in the Student Study Monitor audio CD will be a real boon to the children.

Further, every parent is equipped with 18 invaluable tips to guide the children to excel in their Exams.

Thus, this book equips and empowers every parent to guide the children to excel in every way!

Dr.J.N.Reddy has been a highly acclaimed Brain-power Trainer for 25 years, Researcher for over 30 years, Teacher for 40 years (including Chemistry Professorship in Loyola College, Chennai, an Educational institution of high repute), transformed about 2,00,000 people and inspired several lakh Students, Teachers, Principals and Parents in India and abroad. He has guided thousands of Parents on effective Parenting. Dr.Reddy has brought out several innovative products and books. He has received over a dozen honours and accolades including : Outstanding Personality Award, Super Intellectual Award, Seva Ratna and Master Genius. Dr.Reddy's biographical note has been included in Reference Asia - Who is who : Men & Women of Excellence 2003 - 04.

...To you, my dear fellow-Parents!

All parents, more so Indian parents, dream, crave and toil to see their children flourish in life. When they are so caring, why then do the children most often show scant respect forparents’ words or wishes? If we analyse and identify the causes, and correct ourselves accordingly, not only can we win their hearts, but also see them reach glorious heights!

For the last 25 years, I am on a National mission: I have had the privilege of addressing and guiding thousands and thousands of parents all over the country. Every time I addressed them on the art of effective parenting, I could see happiness, as well as unhappiness, on their faces; happiness at getting invaluable guidelines, unhappiness for not having thought on those lines till then.

After listening to my talks, almost every parent has requested me to write a comprehensive book on those guidelines. They used to plead that it was particularly needed to the Indian parents. And, the result is, this venture!

This book deals with 18 empowering guidelines on effective parenting. As many parents opined, if you read this book, it is your children who derive the benefits first! They will be able to pursue their education without pressure, but with pleasure, and reach great heights in their lives.

Apart from the 18 Guidelines on the art of effective parenting, I have also furnished 18 invaluable initiatives to guide children to excel in their Exams. In order to facilitate it further, Student Study Monitor (with perfect daily routine), a free audio CD is presented to you along with this book.

Recognising the importance of the topic, a mega project of bringing out this book in 9 Indian languages, has been launched. With regard to the style of presentation, while reading the book, you will feel as though I am directly talking to you. Plunge into reading-and implement all the practical principles and down-to-earth guidelines that this book contains. You will surely become a model parent!

Wish you inspiring parenting!

Dr. J.N. Reddy