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How to Excel in Studies & Score High Marks - Student Book

100 Super Scientific Study Techniques - Books

Third Enlarged Edition

Suitable for IX and above students

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Why read this book?

While every student wants to score high marks, how many are trained to study well to do so? This book, authored by Dr.J.N.Reddy, is a treatise for every student who wishes to excel in their studies and score high marks! Core areas of learning like Peak Concentration, Programming the Mind, Memory Techniques, and Systematic Study Planning are sure to boost the performance of every student. Without any struggle, students can increase their scores effortlessly. Lakhs of students from school level to college level have benefited tremendously from this book! You, too, will!

Publisher MAX Academy for Excellence
Language in many Languages
Paperback 216 Pages
Dimensions 14 x 21.5 x 1.3 cm

This is an authentic and comprehensive book on invaluable scientific learning skills! Through this book which is a product of extensive work for decades, learning is made effortless and Education is made COMPLETE. The 100 Techniques given in this book, have been testified by several thousands of Students, Teachers, Principals, Vice-chancellors and State & Central level Academic Heads. Though this book is primarily intended for students, it will be extremely useful to Teachers and Parents as well for guiding the students much better.

You will find this book a great boon with easy-to-follow COMPLETE Learning Skills explained in simple language, and it is bound to revolutionise Education!

Book Contents

Chapter 1
Who excels in Studies & Scores High Marks?

Who is a brilliant student?

Who is an average student?

Who scores high marks?

What are the salient methods of study?

Chapter 2
Scientific Aspects of Study Atmosphere

Ventilation, Lighting arrangement, Study place

Sitting posture, Direction of sitting, Stomach condition

Morning study vs Night study

Scribbling pad, Mosquitoes, Wrappers for books

Water bottle, Reading room, Bath, Eatables, Music

Chapter 3
Set Your Goal

Symptoms of lack of goal clarity

How to set a goal!

Why many students are not focussed!

Aim to be your Best!, Common goal of a student

Chapter 4
Programming the Mind

Conscious and subconscious mind

Programming the subconscious

Auto-suggestions, Self-hypnosis, Auto-commands

Negative programming, The power of negative thinking

Chapter 5
Concentration Techniques :

Preparing the Mind, Breathing is everything

States of mind, Alpha breathing, Meditation

Visualisation, Glancing, Overwriting on zigzag curves

Dual - activity technique, Cyclic methods

Chapter 6
Instant Energy Techniques

Body - yawning, Ear stretching technique

Blinking technique, Balloon technique

Acupressure technique, Train technique

Energy breathing technique, Cosmic energy technique

Feeling, How to overcome laziness!

Chapter 7
Speed Reading & Speed Writing

Speed reading, How to measure your reading speed!

Mirror technique, Upside - down reading technique

Run - through technique, Speed reading progress Chart

Speed writing, Zigzag writing technique

Light grip technique, Time tracking technique

Wrist practice, Speed writing progress Chart

Chapter 8
Memory Techniques

Do you have good Memory? Why people forget!

Natural memory (Rote), Memory mnemonics

Permanent memory, How to study for long!

Memory imaging, Memory diagrams

Chapter 9
Brain Activation

Functioning of brain

Exam Preparation & Presentation

Creative work, How to activate the brain!

How to shift the breathing pattern!

Brain activation while studying

Brain activation while writing Exams

Chapter 10
Early to Rise & Early to Sleep

How to get up early in the morning!

Clock technique, Activation of body

Activation of brain, Sleep - fast technique

Chapter 11
Time Management

Punctuality, Postponement

T.V. / Computer games / Internet

Gossip, Cell phone,  Proper planning

Traits of a good time manager

Chapter 12
Systematic Study Planning

Page conversion process

Graphical study planning

What makes you an achiever in life?

Planning Complete Education

Chapter 13
Scientific Study Pattern & Perfect Daily Routine

Morning study, Evening study, Night study

How to study!, Never study at a stretch

Study varied subjects / topics

Group study & group reviews, Systematic study scheme

Perfect daily routine, For children up to 10 yrs.

For children of age 10 - 14 yrs.

For students of age 14 yrs. and above

Chapter 14
How to Study!

Just before you start studying

While studying, After studying

Chapter 15
Exam Preparation Methodology

Phases of Exam Preparation

Phase 1 : During academic year

Phase 2 : During study holidays

Phase 3 : During Exam days

Chapter 16
On the Day of Exam

Sleep, Meditation, Handwriting practice

Breakfast, Dressing, Exam requirements

No discussions, Exam day routine

How to overcome Exam fear!

In the Exam hall, After the Exam

Chapter 17
Exam Presentation Skills

Answer book preparation, Selection of questions

Time management, The secrets of superb presentation

Final touch to answers, How to make corrections!

Chapter 18

Age categories, Attraction towards opposite gender

Physical control technique

Psychological control technique

T.V. and cinema, Bad habits

Chapter 19
Food Habits

Recommended foods, Why nature foods ?

Chapter 20
Patriotism for Students

5 steps for patriotism


Special Chapter

100 Super Scientific Study Techniques

Dr. J.N. Reddy has been a highly regarded brain-power trainer for over 25 years, a researcher for over 30 years, and a teacher for 40 years (including a Chemistry Professorship at Loyola College, Chennai, a prestigious educational institution), transforming over 200,000 people and inspiring several lakh students, teachers, principals, and parents in India and abroad. Dr. Reddy is India's only trainer who has created 15 Limca & World Records and broken Guinness Records in learning skills; he has organised the world's first and biggest events in brain-power skills. He has brought out several innovative products such as Bahula Siddhi Meditation for peak concentration, Study Planner for Permanent Memory and Time Management, an ergonomically designed Study Chair, the world's first Scientific Pen, and highly acclaimed books on self-development. He has received over a dozen honours and accolades, including Seva Ratna, Outstanding Personality Award, Super Intellectual Award, and Master Genius. Dr. Reddy's biographical note has been included in Reference Asia-Who is Who: Men &Women of Excellence 2003-2004.

To you, my dear student...
This is not another book on self-development. It is an authentic reference book on invaluable scientific learning skills, the result of over 25 years of research and training! When you read this book, you will realise that it is a real boon to you and feel very fortunate to possess it! In my years of experience as a teacher, academic researcher, and trainer, I have never met an academician (including Vice-Chancellors, Principals, Teachers, and Scientists, thousands of whom I have addressed or trained in India and abroad) who is not enthralled by the fascinating aspects and techniques contained in this book. All of them strongly felt that it would be more than wonderful to see all these aspects and techniques in book form. That is the background of this book. That is why, while this book was written primarily for students, it is also useful for teachers and parents in better guiding them. After all, most people of my generation made many mistakes and omitted many wonders while studying due to ignorance and negligence. That’s why we have come up the only hard way. No longer do you need to struggle like we did back in those days. Just read this book and simply follow the suggestions. You will surely reach great heights effortlessly.
Every page in this book is invaluable. Special care is taken to present every aspect and technique in a simple language for everyone to understand easily. In fact, when you go through this book, you will surely feel as though I am directly talking to you!
I am really delighted at the overwhelming reception to this book by eminent academic leaders, principals, teachers, parents, and, of course, by my dear students.
Though the first edition itself was very meticulously brought out, it has been further revised and now enlarged to make it much more empowering.
I profoundly thank everyone who has reviewed this book and given his/her inspiring feedback. Everyone who read the book praised it as a fantastic experience and agreed that it is a true boon to every student from KG to PG. And so, my dear young friend, you assure me that you will simply follow this book. I guarantee that education is enjoyable, that learning is simple, and that getting high grades in any subject is no longer difficult!
You may proceed... and reach great heights!

All the Best !
Dr. J.N. Reddy