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πŸ† Why buy this Permanent Memory book?

World's First ever Book on Long Term Memory Retention! 1/3rd of an executive's time is lost in trying to remember things, and many times it is in vain! You can get permanent memory book that deals with identifying your memory percentage as on date and provides over 30 super memory techniques so that there is a remarkable improvement in memory power! The best part is that the improvement can be measured. Thousands of students and professionals have benefited and reached professional excellence.

Publisher MAX Academy for Excellence
Language English
Paperback 324 Pages
Dimensions 14 x 21.5 x 2 cm

This is not another book on Memory, but the first ever book on Long Term Memory (LTM) leading to Permanent Memory. This is a result of over 25 years of research and training more than one lakh people of all professions. A student who uses this book no longer needs to mug up the subjects; his Education becomes effortless! Any professional finds his work-effectiveness remarkably improved due to enhanced memory. This book not only equips you with powerful memory techniques but also provides you with a ready reckoner for LTM, called MAX Memory Monitor. Truly, it will be a great boon to become a ‘Memory Genius’!

πŸ“˜ Book Contents

πŸ“• Part I :
Basics of Memory

Chapter 1 :
βœ… Know About Memory!

Do you have brain-power?
What is Knowledge!
How we Remember and Recall!
Why we struggle to recollect at times!
The Process of Memory

βœ… Chapter 2 :
Memory Quotient (MQ) and its Measurement

VisualMemory Score
DigitsMemory Score
AuditoryMemory Score
NarrativeMemory Score
Lead Memory Score
How to Measure your MQ

Chapter 3 :
βœ… Prepare the Mind

Mind Programming
Why people say, they have poor memory!
Concentration Techniques
Visualisation of Goal
Breath observation
Overwriting on curves
Dual activity technique

πŸ“• Part II :
How to Improve Your Memory!

Chapter 4 :
βœ… Train Your Brain through Memory Techniques

NaturalMemory Techniques
CreativeMemory Techniques

Chapter 5 :
βœ… Natural Memory Techniques

Overcoming Absentmindedness
Subconscious Imprint
Names & Faces
People & Places

Chapter 6 :
βœ… Creative Memory Techniques


Chapter 7 :
βœ… Calendar Memory Technique

The Technique
Leap Years
Calendar Chart

Chapter 8 :
βœ… Memory Games

Similar Names
Sharp Observation
Correct Words
Speed Game

Chapter 9 :
βœ… Functional Memory Applications

MemorySoftware Writing
Countries and Capitals
Periodic Table of Elements
Abstract Words
Subject Matter

πŸ“• Part III :
Permanent Memory - Long Term Memory

Chapter 9 :
βœ… How to Retain Your Memory!

Short Term Memory (STM)
Long Term Memory (LTM)
A Big Boon to Students
Education System
LTM to Executives / Professionals
Practical Difficulty
Permanent Memory Charts
The Making of MAX Memory Monitor
Review Charts
MAX Memory Monitor
Sure ways for PermanentMemory Retention!
Memorable Memory Feats

Dr.J.N.Reddy has been highly acclaimed brain power trainer for more than 20 years, researcher for over 25 years, creator of 14 Limca & World Records in Memory alone, author of several extraordinary books, designer of innovative tools and recipient of over a dozen honours including Seva Ratna, Master Genius & Super Intellectual Award.

Dr. J.N. Reddy, Ph.D.,
Founder - Director, MAX Academy for Excellence

S.R. Venkat, the co-author has been assisting Dr. Reddy for several years in research, training and organising National and International Memory Shows, Events & Competitions; himself found place in the Limca Book of Records.

S.R. Venkat, Deputy Director, MAX

You may wonder what is special about this book as there are excellent books on memory power written by memory exponents apart from general authors though with a limited exposure. No doubt, it is wonderful to improve memory through those books. But unfortunately, none of them gives you long term memory retention techniques. After learning techniques to memorise things, if you tend to lose that benefit in a short span of time, don’t you feel miserable to have fallen back to square one in your memory in spite of your concerted efforts?

It is in this context, I have carried out extensive research for over 25 years and evolved an exciting process for long-term memory retention. Further, it has been tested on several thousands of people of all ages and professions, and found it to be amazingly effective! Hence, this is world’s first ever comprehensive work on Memory Power including Long Term Memory, or more simply, Permanent Memory!

This book is most elaborative as it is presented in 4 parts. The first one is about the basics of memory power. While the second one is on amazing techniques for Natural memory and exciting creative memory techniques, the third part is on functional memory dealing with a number of memory applications. The last part is obviously on permanent memory with ‘MAX Memory Monitor’ which will be a real boon as Ready Reckoner to you!

All these things have emerged with the background of creating 14 Limca & World Records in Memory and also organising National and International Memory Championships.

Once an ordinary student, excelled in memory performance, became my research and training colleague, rose to become Head of Memory Division & Deputy Director of MAX and now assisting me in this unique work as co-author. That is S.R. Venkat.

When one uses this book, he will discover the genius dormant in him and proves that no one is useless, he would only use less (of his brain)!

You will know, how different this book is going to be! Use it to lose your forgetfulness forever!

Dr. J.N. Reddy