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The best Cursive Handbook Kit

for grade 4 to grade 12 students

Why read this book?

Writing with legibility is a mandatory requirement for all students. More so, cursive, being a loopy and flowery way of writing, needs to be precise and readable. MAX brought out these smart writing handbook kits for students with a goal of making them score more effortlessly!

Book Description

Usually, handwriting books may contain some lines to write. But the MAX Smart Writing Handbook Kit contains tracing, overwriting, scribbling, optical imaging, psychological tuning, and many more. Cursive stroking and hand movements leading to better stroking are given top priority. 2 books and 3 engraved boards are provided. This book covers pen-based activities such as gripping methods and writing angles.

Cursive Handwriting Books with Kit (Smart Writing Handbook 1 & 2)