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MAX-Write Cursive Handwriting Books

(Suitable for Grade 1 through Grade 8)

Why read this book?

This age-group-based book has specific cursive practise modules and writing activities. Not just outdated 4-line writing! Every student will be able to resonate with the dynamics given in this book.

MAX-Write Cursive Handwriting Book for First Graders
MAX-Write Cursive Handwriting Book for Second Graders
MAX-Write Cursive Handwriting Book for Students in Third Grade
MAX-Write Cursive Handwriting Book for Fourth Standard Students
MAX-Write Cursive Handwriting Book for Fifth Standard Students
MAX-Write Cursive Handwriting Book for Sixth Standard Students
MAX-Write Cursive Handwriting Book for Seventh Standard Students
MAX-Write Cursive Handwriting Book for Eight Standard Students

MAX-Write cursive writing books have hundreds of gamified activities which will create a lot of interest for students to practice. Specific changes are researched and made to the cursive letters. Readability and beauty are given top priority in this book. The magic sheet behind each book (based on standards) will check the progress made by the student at every level.

Unique Features :

  • Writing on new MAX 4-line Standard called in place of the outdated copywriting lines
  • Designed to use it for the whole academic year
  • Strokes and Letter formation in a Scientific way
  • Mastering both split and joining or cursive handwriting
  • Writing with MAX Groove Pen
  • Practising on Newspaper spreads with Sketch Pens
  • Big strokes & letter writing for greater grip
  • Daily practice using MAX Letter Sheet
  • Exam Writing Skills
  • Periodical Assessment process. In addition, checking on alternate days by teacher
  • Valuable self- development messages at every alternate page In addition...

Dr. J.N. Reddy has been a highly regarded brain-power trainer for over 25 years, a researcher for over 30 years, and a teacher for 40 years (including a Chemistry Professorship at Loyola College, Chennai, a prestigious educational institution), transforming over 200,000 people and inspiring several lakh students, teachers, principals, and parents in India and abroad. Dr. Reddy is India's only trainer who has created 15 Limca & World Records and broken Guinness Records in learning skills; he has organised the world's first and biggest events in brain-power skills. He has brought out several innovative products such as Bahula Siddhi Meditation for peak concentration, Study Planner for Permanent Memory and Time Management, an ergonomically designed Study Chair, the world's first Scientific Pen, and highly acclaimed books on self-development. He has received over a dozen honours and accolades, including Seva Ratna, Outstanding Personality Award, Super Intellectual Award, and Master Genius. Dr. Reddy's biographical note has been included in Reference Asia-Who is Who: Men &Women of Excellence 2003-2004.

To Dear Students,

Congrats for saying good-bye to outdated copywriting practises and adopting MAX Write to improve your handwriting! MAX Academy has done research in handwriting for over 20 years, trained more than 1.5 million students, and holds the Limca & World Records for fastest Handwriting Training! With this unique background, MAX has designed MAX Write India's first of its kind handwriting series starting from I std. MAX Write introduces multi-tool practise with a groove pen, a regular pen, sketch pens, a Letter Sheet, and a Magic Sheet. MAX Write can be used throughout the academic year. It needs just 15–20 minutes of practise daily. Also, after completing the book, you can reuse it by practising on the magic sheet given at the back. An alternate day assessment is given at the bottom of the pages. The teacher/parent may mark  depending on your performance.

Learn to write beautifully!