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Storm Your BRAIN - Book

...and enhance your IQ Power

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Why read this book?

Usually, puzzle books come with puzzles and answers. This is a book that indicates the puzzle quotient before using this book and quantifies the improvement after using it. Mathematical, logical, language, and creative puzzles galore. It inspires readers with logic and solutions and throws similar puzzles to test their learning. Storm Your Brain books are the best way to train your brain while having fun!

Publisher MAX Academy for Excellence
Language English
Paperback 208 Pages
Dimensions 14 x 21.5 x 1.2 cm

This is not just another book on puzzles, but a uniquely different one which trains you to enhance your IQ power through analytical, logical, mathematical, creative, language, and speed teasers. This book is the result of Dr. Reddy’s passion for brain-teasers for over 30 years. If you work through this book for one month, you will notice a significant improvement in your brainpower. While this book is beneficial to all aspirants, students and others preparing for competitive exams will find it especially useful. It is designed in such a way that an individual's puzzle-solving ability is developed tremendously.

Book Contents

Brain Storm Test 1

Answers for Assessment

Where You Stand!

Before You Start Working…

Preparing Your Mind for Brain - Storming

Part I : Basic Puzzles

Analytical & Logical Puzzles & Answers

Mathematical Puzzles & Answers

Creative Puzzles & Answers

Language Puzzles & Answers

Speed Puzzles & Answers

Brain Storm Test 2

Answers for Assessment


Part II : Basic & Moderate

Analytical & Logical Puzzles & Answers

Creative Puzzles & Answers

Language Puzzles & Answers

Speed Puzzles & Answers

Repartees & Answers

Brain Storm Test 3

Answers for Assessment

Self – Analysis

Part III : Basic & Moderate

Moderate & Challenging Puzzles

Mixed Puzzles & Answers

Brain Storm Test 4

Answers for Assessment

A Great Revelation!

Brain Storm Test 5

Answers for Assessment


Dr.J.N.Reddy, Founder-Director of MAX Academy for Excellence, has been a highly acclaimed Brain-power Trainer for 25 years; researcher for over 30 years; has transformed over one lakh trainees and inspired several lakhs of people of all ages and professions; trained several people to set a number of Limca & World Records in memory; organised world's biggest Events in memory; was earlier a professor in the reputed Loyola College, Chennai; and has brought out several innovative products and books. Dr.Reddy has received over a dozen honours and accolades including: Seva Ratna, Super Intellectual and Master Genius Awards. Dr.Reddy's Biographical Note has been included in Reference Asia - Who's Who : Men & Women of Excellence 2003 - 04 & Biography India - 2011.

...To You, My Dear Brain-storming Readers!

In my decades of experience with brain-power management and training, I have proven, "No one is useless, he would only use less (of his brain-power)!" I could nurture several thousands of people--youth , middle aged and even the retired -- to enhance their IQ (Intelligence Quotient) power remarkably and explode the myth that IQ is fixed by birth. This book methodically deals with how you could enhance your IQ power!

As you know, a number of IQ based books are available. But, unfortunately, in most of these puzzle books, the teasers are either too technical or complex making most readers give up in just a few minutes from trying. Moreover, while it does not help improve their IQ, it damages self-confidence leading to much poorer performance in further attempts!

It is in this context that I thought of introducing an entirely different approach to solving puzzles. This book is designed in such a way that it creates tremendous interest and guides you to storm your brain to solve similar teasers subsequently without much struggle. For this, emphasis is made on improving your logical analysis rather than merely giving answers.

For example, we know, 64/16=4 & 95/19=5 When you ask someone how he got the answers, if he justifies the answers arguing, 64/16=4 & 95/19=5, is it not absurd? Hence, it is more important to focus on the logic rather than mere answer. This book serves this purpose very uniquely by explaining each step involved in solving a puzzle.

In my experience as a trainer, I found that exposure to various types of creative, analytical, logical, mathematical, language and speed puzzles, sharpens the brain and enhances the ability to solve such brain-teasers subsequently with ease. Keeping this important aspect in mind, I have devised over 300 brain-teasers in 3 different levels – basic, moderate and challenging ones. This enables you to gradually nurture your ability to solve the teasers and enhance your brain power remarkably!

At this juncture, I shall mention that while preparing this book, a few classic brain-teasers are adopted from unknown sources for which I extend my acknowledge- ment gracefully.

While this book is very useful to every one, it is more so a big boon to those aspiring professional students and others preparing for competitive exams.

All the Best for exciting Brain-storming!

Dr. J. N. Reddy
Creator of 15 Limca & World Records in Memory,
an acclaimed Brain-Power Trainer, designer of unique Educational Tools &
author of several outstanding Books